My name is Pam and over the last year and a half Angels, Spirit and Fairy orbs have been appearing in my photos.My journey has been amazing and after placing crystals around my garden and inviting spirit and fairies into my photo's, they just appeared and they are happy for me to share them with you.

Spirit, angel and Fairy orbs started to appear in my photos towards the end of 2006 and they have been increasing in numbers ever since, I now have many fairies showing up too. Some of the fairies come around the dates I run watercolour workshops, painting flowers in watercolour and many of the fairies are flower fairies. This is how they show themselves to the world; it gives the proof for everyone to see them.

Some of my orb photos are in a book entitled 'Enlightenment through Orbs: The awesome truth revealed' & 'Ascension Through Orbs' by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell. These books offer you much more information about orbs and why they are appearing now and have meditations and exercises to do with the orbs.

 I do hope that you will enjoy seeing the beautiful images contained within this website, the beautiful colours of energy are just so amazing and the richness of colour just blows me away!